The 5 Most Common Political Systems in the World and What Characterize Them

The 5 Most Common Political Systems in the World and What Characterize Them

Political systems have been around for centuries. People have believed that things in a government and country need to be run in certain ways since the beginning of time. Political systems have evolved and changed over the years. Certain beliefs have been discarded and others have been updated or taken up. There are 5 main types of political systems. Some of them have similarities. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. Below is a description of the 5 main systems.


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The basis of democracy is allowing everyone to participate in the decisions of who run the country. Voting is part of this system. Once a person turns 18, they are eligible to vote. The parties to vote for are different in every country. These parties are also represented by different individuals as the candidates for running for mayor, senate, or president.


In a republic, the government is subject to the people. This means that the people choose the leaders and these leaders can be recalled. In other words, a leader is chosen but the people have a large say in what happens.


A monarchy is a system with a king or queen. There may be a government and other functionaries to run the country. The final word on laws and such things lie with the king or queen. The monarch is not necessarily elected as with other systems. They are born into the royal family or wed into it.


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Communism is based on the writings and teachings of Marx and Lenin. This system is characterized by one dominant party. Resources are shared and the rulers can take and redistribute these resources as they see fit.


This is an authoritarian system. The dictator is the main person running the country. This system does not allow for fair elections or the people to have any say in how they are governed. The dictator makes all decisions and is often above the law.

These are the basic systems by which countries are run. The type of system depends on the history and the people in charge. Some of these work better than others in certain places.

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