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The Greek-American Radicals blog discusses and addresses issues regarding Greeks in America. Political, religious, and other issues are discussed. We inform our readers about our origins, goals, and movements. We feel strongly about what we believe and we will always fight for our rights.

Our history is versatile and controversial. Our parents and grandparents have had some tough times in America. We aim to support those who have experienced discrimination and unfair treatment. We also strive to rectify any situations that aim to harm us and our Greek heritage.

Our community is large and we have grown a lot in America. In certain areas in New York and Boston, we have established our new homes. Our Greek communities are thriving and many now speak Greek. We aim to protect our heritage and remain proud of where we come from. This is our main aim.

Our political views have developed over many years and have its origins in the late 1800s. The wars and the Industrial Revolution had a big influence on Greece and our settling in America. Some Greeks have been accepted and have been able to start a new life here. Other have not been so lucky. Many political leaders have been ridiculed during their campaigns even if they have proven competent and to be great leaders. We aim to rectify this.