6 Important Things to Keep in Mind and Value When You Find Yourself in a Political Discussion or Debate

6 Important Things to Keep in Mind and Value When You Find Yourself in a Political Discussion or Debate

Politics are in a word, controversial. Most people tend to steer clear of politics in polite conversation because they fear upsetting someone. Politics sometimes are upsetting, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk about it. Instead of avoiding the topic, embrace it but do it with kindness and not judgment. Everyone has the right to decide what their political affiliation will be. Respect it and agree to disagree, but allow yourself to have a healthy debate about it.

The following points are important for everyone to remember, regardless of their political affiliation.


Participation in politics is your way of saying what you feel and want. Voting is your right and duty. You cannot complain about the state of things if you do not participate.

The Constitution

No matter in what country you are, you and your children need to know and understand The Constitution. You need to know what your rights are as well as what the rights of other are.

Free speech vs Courtesy

We all should learn and remember that courtesy is always important. When you get involved in a political discussion or debate, be kind and respectful. It is possible to agree to disagree and remain respectful. It is also possible to retain integrity when you are wrong and humility when you are right.

Open Mind

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Keep an open mind. Whether you have decided where you stand with political matters or not, it is important to keep an open mind. Open mindedness leads to growth and understanding.

Think for Yourself

This is a very important point. No one should be forced or coerced into a specific direction. You should ask questions, do research and think for yourself. If something does not sit right with you, find out why. You will find what feels right by thinking for yourself.

Both Sides

Listen to both sides of a debate. This is the best way to gather information. Use what you are hearing to build your understanding of what politics and what is being said. Again, use the information gathered to think for yourself and figure out what it means.

We all need to keep this mind when approaching the topic of politics.

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